What happens if my product melts? 
Tallow melts at 85 degrees. It is best to store it in a cool, dark place. If it does melt, the oils may separate. Simply mix them together gently and use as before. If you would like, you can re-whip it with a kitchen mixer for some extra "fluff". Melting does not change the effectiveness of the product.

Why does my tallow feel harder than usual?

When tallow gets cold, it becomes more firm. If you prefer a softer product, keeping it somewhere, like in a warm bathroom, may do the trick. If you prefer a harder balm-like product, or if your product has melted, you can put it in the refrigerator to make it more firm. Some batches also may be harder than others. We strive to keep our products consistent but tallow is a natural product which means that factors that are out of our control, such as what the animal eats or what season it is, can change the texture of the product as well. 

What are infused oils? Why don't you use essential oils?

Infused oils are made by saturating an herb with a carrier oil that breaks down the soluble plant constituents into an easier to administer form. We love infused oils because they capture a wider range of the plant's benefits, including traces of essential oils, without being overly potent. They are also made more sustainably than essential oils and are safer for use with children and those who have sensitivity to fragrances. 

Do you ship internationally?

No, we don't sell our product outside the U.S. for a couple reasons. First, because we value creating a sustainable, locally sourced product. Second, because we are not set up to comply with other countries' labeling laws (such as the EU). 

What if I have plant allergies? 

If you have a plant allergy, and any one of our products contains that plant, we can't guarantee that the rest of our products aren't cross-contaminated with that herb. We make all our products with the same equipment in the same studio so there's a chance traces of other herbs may be in your product. Also note that all of our products contain rosemary leaf. 

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What is tallow like? 

There are two types of tallow, regular soft tallow and harder leaf (or KPH) tallow. Leaf tallow is very hard when cool and most use it as a balm. The soft tallow has the consistency of butter and is much less stable in heat. Because we prefer the nutrient-dense leaf tallow, we developed a method that enables us to whip it into a butter that is a nice in-between. It's more firm than the softer tallow but is much easier to apply than a hard tallow balm. It's not gritty or oily and absorbs completely into the skin when a small amount is used and rubbed in thoroughly. 

Is tallow a sustainable product?

Tallow is an incredibly sustainable skincare option! Tallow is a by-product of meat production that typically goes into the trash. Therefore, if you're eating the animal meat, you might as well be making good use of the tallow!  

Are your ingredients organic? 

We highly value and prioritize making sure all our ingredients are non-toxic and not treated with chemicals, fertilizers, hormones, insecticides, etc. While we can't always claim that they are certified organic, you can be sure we are sourcing and growing them to be as pure and non-toxic as possible.

For our herbs, our desire and goal is to grow as many of the herbs as possible in our garden, or wildcraft them from our land in an effort to provide the freshest, most potent and most sustainable product. We do not maintain any sort of organic certification, however we do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our land or garden beds. Since we don't plan on attaining an official certification, we do not make organic claims on our garden grown or wildcrafted ingredients, this does not mean they are grown with chemicals. 

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Does tallow smell? 

Tallow does have a natural odor, it smells different to everyone and some may love it (we think it smells like icing) while others may not. Some batches don't smell like tallow at all while some do end up with a faint tallow smell, it all depends on a variety of factors that are impossible to control. That's to be expected with natural products, they vary based on seasons, the animal's diets, etc. The infused oils that are added to the tallow do give a subtle herbal scent, unless it is unscented like our Pura Whip, but they are not as potently aromatic as essential oils, which most companies use to mask the tallow smell. We don't believe it's necessary to add fragrances and prefer to offer a safer product with a milder scent. We do quality check each batch we release. 

When's the expiration date? 

We recommend using your tallow product within six months of receiving it. While tallow can keep for a year or more, if it becomes contaminated it can develop mold (since we don't use any preservatives or stabilizers in our products). Because of this, it's important that you don't allow any water to enter your product and don't store it in a warm, moist place. If you see any black spots develop in your product, discontinue use. If your product has any black spots upon arrival, please contact us.

How long will one jar of tallow last me?

It varies depending on how much and how frequently you use it. Salves typically last twice as long as whips. 

Shipping Problems

If you received your product damaged or melted, please contact us. We can't control how the packages are handled by the mail carrier but will do our best to remedy damages. Please provide photographic proof.