What Products Should You Keep On Hand?

Your skincare - like your diet - should change with the seasons. Your skin needs different herbs for different seasons, so we've created a skincare line that you can easily customize to fit what your exact needs are. To get the most from your routine, we recommend you keep the following stocked at all times: 

  • 1 Tallow Moisturizer Whip
  • 2 Oil Cleansers
  • 3 Serums
  • 3 Hydrosols
  • 1 Scrub
  • 1 Mask
  • 1 Rescue Balm

Having a few options on hand will enable you to customize based on your daily needs. We provide as much information as possible to help lead you to the right herbs and combinations, but you will develop an affinity for certain herbs and learn how best to use them with your skin. Trust your intuition.

We strive to keep the skincare regimen as simple as possible, choosing the elements that we feel most benefit your skin while still covering every aspect of your skin's unique needs. That's why we've designed this line to be as customizable as possible, with mix and match options that enable you to get exactly what you need while eliminating any unnecessary steps and preventing you from having any unnecessary products. 

Find out what products are best for your skin type by taking our skincare quiz

Here's what we recommend for a daily, weekly and as-needed skincare routine. 

A Simple, Customized Daily Skincare Routine

Your skin's daily needs include cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing. The bulk of it happens at night. 

Begin with an Oil Cleanse

You don't need to wash your face every day (yes, you heard us right), but if you were wearing makeup, were sweating or otherwise feel dirty, you can start with an oil cleanse. Apply a dropperful of oil cleanser to your hands and massage generously into your face and neck. Let sit 5 minutes and then wipe off gently with a warm washcloth. I like to rotate oil cleansers, mostly because I just like variety but also because the herbs are more effective when you give your skin a break from the same ones every now and then.

Add a Spritz of Toner

I love using herbal hydrosols as toners. They really don't need anything additional mixed in them to be effective. In fact, diluting them with other ingredients only makes the herbs less powerful. Hydrosols are gentle, yet powerful ways to apply herbs and are water-based so they're easy to apply. You can rotate your hydrosols based on what your skin needs most. If your face is red and irritated and needs to calm down, you could try lavender or peppermint. If you've been in the sun try some yarrow or chamomile. If you need some extra tone, try rose or cornflower. For a brighter complexion, try tulsi or rosemary. See why we recommend at least three? There are so many wonderful herbs to try and they'll all produce slightly different results.

Nourish with Skin Serums

We absolutely love the addition of skin serums to the daily routine. They may be easy to overlook, but these serums were designed to be the key component that enables you to customize the rest of your routine. Apply 3-5 drops after toning depending on what actions your skin needs most. We have blends for wrinkles, acne, inflammation, sun damage, dull skin and more. We also love using serums in the morning for an extra dose of hydration before applying makeup. They can also be added to other products for an extra dose of herbal benefits. Keeping three or more on hand helps you to rotate based on what you need that day.

Get Long-Lasting Hydration with Tallow Moisturizer

Seal in the hydration with a pea-sized amount of any of our tallow whips. We've designed all three to be suitable for all skin types, and put them in larger jars, so you only need to keep one on hand - just pick your favorite. They should last a long time. If you apply the right amount, you shouldn't feel greasy and the hydration should last you a long time. It absorbs best into wet skin, so that's why we put it after cleansing. You can also apply after showering for great results.

That's all you need for a daily routine! It's quick and easy enough for me - a mom of three toddlers - while still giving me what I need to feel pampered and glowing.  

What Should Your Weekly Skincare Routine Be?

Your skin's weekly needs include exfoliation and deep hydration. We also recommend a few things just to pamper yourself that will leave you glowing and relaxed. 

Exfoliating Weekly is Key

One addition that made a big difference in my skincare routine is a weekly exfoliation. I find I can't do without it. Taking the time once a week to deep clean and remove all the dead skin cells helps me keep my skin from breaking out, getting flaky and helps the rest of my products perform better. 

Using a marble sized amount of oil-based exfoliator while in the shower or bath and rinsing thoroughly serves as a replacement for my daily cleanse. I follow up as I would after oil cleansing, with toner, serum and tallow.

Enjoy a Clay Mask Detox and a Good Soak in the Tub

While not essential, something else I eventually added to my routine was the occasional clay facial mask. Masks are a great way to deep clean and detox your skin to make the rest of your regimen more effective. It also keeps the herbs in direct contact with your skin, enabling you to derive more benefits from them. Therefore, masks are incredibly nourishing and have a host of other benefits. I think the thing I love most about them is that they greatly contribute to my sense of self-care. I try to soak in an Epsom salt bath at least weekly and love applying a mask then. Baths are a great way to benefit from hydrotherapy and a great way to add in herbs. Just pour in a tablespoon of any hydrosol into your bath for extra benefits.

You only need a single mask at a time. From there, you can customize it simply by mixing in different mediums: milk, honey, serums, hydrosols, etc. It will provide a different experience and different results every time. Enjoy!

Other Ways to Care for Additional Skin Needs

We've designed the Rescue Balm for acute conditions. Consider it a go-to for any extra skin issues you may be facing: burns, bites, cuts, rashes, itches, dryness, cracks, razor burn, diaper rash, eczema, wind burn and more. 

Here are some of our other suggestions for acute conditions: 

For bug bites: Cleanse with warm water, spray on Yarrow or Lavender hydrosol, massage in Rescue Salve to stop swelling and keep itching at bay.

For sunburn: Spray immediately with lavender, yarrow, chamomile or calendula hydrosol. Slather generously with Rescue Balm with a few drops of Sun Kissed serum. If skin is too hot to apply salve, use Peppermint to help cool and apply the Balm after showering.

For rough spots, cracks and extreme dryness: Apply a spritz of sage or yarrow hydrosol and apply a generous amount of Rescue Balm at least 3 times a day, including right before bed.