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Yarrow Hydrosol | Herbal Skin Mist


Yarrow hydrosol is a go-to spray for damaged skin and wound care. It is great for acne, inflammation, sun and wind damage, aftershave, and as a wound wash. It has a strongly herbal scent which may not be preferred as a facial mist unless diluted. Add to a bath to combat fever, even for children, and for aches and pains of colds. Add to a compress to battle varicose veins, joint pain and swelling. Add to a sitz bath for postpartum care, hemorrhoids and periods. 

Wilde Flora Hydrosols are distilled fresh in house with fresh Wilde Flora grown herbs. Hydrosols will quickly become one of your favorite ways to enjoy your favorite herbs. They work great as toners, misted onto the face after cleansing and before moisturizing. They can also be used on a variety of skin conditions applied directly to the skin or diluted into a bath, compress, foot and hand soak, etc. Our hydrosols are intended for external use only. Read more on the different ways to use hydrosols here.

Hydrosols come in a 60mL glass spray bottle. 

This hydrosol was distilled using a single species of freshly harvested herb in a copper still without separating out the volatile oils (meaning you get the full distillate water). It is packaged immediately and kept refrigerated to ensure the freshest possible product. All hydrosols have no added ingredients with no preservatives of any kind, so it is recommended that you store your product in a cool place (preferably the fridge) to extend shelf life. 

Hydrosols do have a limited shelf life, as they are plant waters with no preservatives. Please enjoy your fresh hydrosol for up to 6 months after purchase. We only offer hydrosols seasonally since we use fresh herbs, so once they are no longer available you will have to wait for the next growing season to restock. 

Please discontinue use on your skin once contamination is present. This could look like floating strands or cloudiness in your bottle, an off smell, or a pH that varies more than 0.5 pH above or below the pH listed below.

Yarrow Hydrosol Batch Information: 

Ingredients: Achillea millefolium (yarrow aerial parts) distillate

Distillation Date: 4/21/24

Harvest and Distillation Location: Georgetown, TX

pH at Distillation: 4.5 pH

Plant to Water Ratio: 1:4 (weight)

Best Before: 1-2 years after distillation date

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