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My skin has never felt or looked better. I highly recommend.

Baby Whip | For Faces, Bodies and Breakouts

Baby Whip | For Faces, Bodies and Breakouts

Perfect for dry/scaling skin

My oldest daughter is prone to extremely dry and cracked/bleeding knuckles due to over washing. We started applying this to her hands every night and they were 100% restored within a week. This also has been the only product I’ve used that provides quick relief to scaling I experience due to eczema. It’s perfect for my eyelids when I am going through a flare up. A little goes a long way, meaning it lasts for quite some time. Perfect product!

Best decision ever!!!

I’ve just starting using Texas Tallow as my main skincare besides the oil you guys sell I forget the type but everything is amazing!!

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Anna Kravtsova

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Does exactly what it says

With 4 kids, we come across all kinds of skin ailments. I often use the Intensive repair salve to aid the skins healing process and it does a fantastic job doing just that and keeping the skin healthily moisturized.

Fabulous Product!

I bought this for my Toddler who has severe dry skin(red head). I absolutely LOVE it! There is no noticeable scent, doesn’t cause any reaction on his skin like other things I’ve tried and just melts right into his skin 😍 I will absolutely be purchasing again! Thank you for a win product and beautiful packaging!

The BEST. Just placed a reorder!

I absolutely love the Bloom Whip. I really appreciate that they make they own plant extracts AND use jojoba oil - it is so hard to find one that does both! The product exceeded my expectations. I have been telling everyone about it. My skin feels and looks amazing, and it smells great (I promise, it doesn't smell like beef). I just placed a reorder and got one for my boyfriend, too, because he enjoyed using it so much when I let him try it. I thought the packaging would be a little too girly, but he said he liked it so much that he didn't care. 11/10 recommend!

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Nicole Tucker

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I am obsessed with the Bloom Whip! My skin has never felt/looked better! I also have the lavendar one which is great, but the Bloom Whip is my favorite! Even my guy makes comments all the time about how soft and glowy my skin is. So glad I tried Texas Tallow!


Love it, smells great feels light, little goes a long way, does not irritate skin.

I really like it.

I am watching my skin look better and better. More youthful and glowing. Thank you.

Love the smell, works great

“Smells, good feels light, little goes a long way” bearded boyfriend approved


I had to come back and write another review to add how this is not only amazing on the skin but it also heals. A few weeks ago I used a curling iron and ended up burning my forehead with the iron as it’s not something I’m used to using. When this happened I immediately applied the tallow and continued to do so a few times a day everyday while the burn healed. Not only did it speed the healing process, but the burn healed so well that there isn’t even a trace of a scar which surprised me as it was a pretty bad burn. The herbs in this also helped relieve the pain. So thankful for this great stuff! It definitely came to my rescue in this situation.

Glad I tried this!

Seemed a bit pricey, but thought I'd try it. Luxury whip is very rich cream so a small dab will do. I like this cream because it's not oily or greasy, yet is received well into my 65 year old, normal skin. I'm hoping it will last a while and will probably reorder.

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brianna bernal

Fast reliable shipping

Love love love

So light yet moisturizing….my skin feels so soft after application! I use it nightly. Hasn’t been very long but I’m looking forward to the benefits of this beautiful cream! Thank you 💚


I am really enjoying the bloom whip and have seen great results.

Smells like sulfur and copper, yuck

I have two other products from Texas Tallow that smell great. I was hoping this would smell like cedar, or pine, but I received a sample size and a regular purchased size and both smell like rotten eggs and pennies. I don't know if they went rancid or what but their texture is grainy and it smells so unpleasant that it is hard to use. I was really disappointed as their other products have all been great and they don't allow returns.


I love how creamy and soft this product is, it makes me skin so soft and hydrated! The scent is very light, which is great as it isn't overpowering and artificial. I love that I found this product and highly recommend it to anyone! Works great as a lip mask too, especially in the cold winter dry months!

Love my skin!

This is my first time using tallow and I am so pleased with my skin! I’ve never felt so hugged by a product. The coconut oil I was using just wasn’t cutting it, very grateful for the suggestion from a friend to try Texas Tallow.

Mommy Salve | Nipple Relief & Protection

Love this stuff! Smells great and feels great on the skin