Tallow for Hair and Beard Care

Tallow for hair and beard care

Just when you think you’ve tried tallow for everything, you’ll find there’s even more uses for it!

Yes, I'm talking about hair care.

It really shines when it comes to keeping unruly beards tidy and groomed. I may not speak from experience – as a woman-owned company – but I've gotten message after message about how it’s transformed many a gentleman’s beard care routine. Here’s what bearded tallow users are saying:

“I got a jar for my husband. He’s not one to use any products at all, but he is loving this tallow for his beard and said it really makes a difference!”

“I have worn a beard for many years and have used all kinds of beard oils, balms, butters, etc… this is the best beard, aftershave, skin conditioner I have used, great quality and craftsmanship.”

“I’m a bearded guy with constantly sunburned skin and I’m really happy with how this product makes my face and beard feel and look healthy. I even use it as a bit of a hair product and it makes my hair kind of hold.”

“This stuff does wonders on my face and beard!”

Tallow’s high nutrient profile make it great for promoting lush, healthy hair. And did we mention how soft and silky it gets too? That’s right, the oils in tallow help condition and add moisture to your hair as well.

One thing I do have personal experience with is thick, curly hair. Tallow has been part of my daily regimen for keeping those curls tamed.

My favorite way to use it is to apply a pea sized amount of tallow to wet hair. After showering, I towel dry my hair, rub the tallow between my palms, and smooth it over my hair from root to tip. You don’t want to apply too much or it may make hair appear oily. I find that just a bit helps keep fly-aways at bay and allows my curls to hold their shape better.

For beards, rub a tallow whip or salve between hands and apply just a bit to your beard. Follow up with a comb.

If you're looking to improve dandruff conditions, dry or brittle hair or postpartum hair loss, you can add our Grow Hair Serum into your routine as well. Simply add a dropperful directly to your scalp and massage in before showering or mix a few drops in with your tallow before styling. 

You can also try out our tallow soap bar for a great shampoo bar option!

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"This moisturizer is pure luxury!  It is light, creamy and goes on smoothly.  The smell is subtle and not overpowering.  I use it at night and my skin looks nourished and radiant in the morning.  This has really been a game changer in my skincare routine! "