Calendula - Comfrey - Lavender | Infused Oil Spotlight

It's no secret around here that we LOVE herbal infused oils. They're our favorite way to impart a herb's benefit into our skincare products. We steer clear of essential oils, read why here

Our gentle yet powerful house made herbal oils utilize the full plant and can be made sustainably with herbs we grow in our own gardens. Apart from that, they bring amazing benefits to the skin. 

Here are three of the herbal infused oils you can find in our products and why we love them!


Calendula is a go-to for skincare. It's a great choice for a variety of skin types and conditions.

We love growing calendula in our gardens. It's an annual and, if you pluck the flowers shortly after opening, it will continue producing blooms all summer long. You'll notice, if you work with the plant, it has a sticky resin in its leaves and flowerheads. This resin holds a lot of its medicinal power. Be sure to leave them on the drying rack long enough for the flowerhead to dry all the way through! Additionally, it has a beautiful golden hue that it imparts in the oils and that it holds onto even when dried. It has a sweet, honey-like smell that is also present in the oil that makes it an overall joy to incorporate into your skincare. 

Its herbal actions include being vulnerary (used for wound care), emollient (softening), antioxidant (used for aging skin), anti-inflammatory (soothing on rashes) and overall it is very nourishing. It's great for daily skin use and also for facial skin, wrinkles, baby skin, rashes and much more. 

You can find it in our Revive Oil Cleanser, Bloom Whip, Baby Whip, Diaper Salve, Mommy Salve, Restore Salve, Repair Salve and Rough Stock Whip. 


Comfrey is a more specialized herb. It's not one you'll typically need for daily use, but when you do need it, its a strong ally. 

The plant's leaves and stem are covered in rough bristles. It can grow rather tall and it has purple blooms in the summer. In the Fall, you can divide the root to multiply the plant. The root holds the most potent medicine, but it should be used with care. We like to craft our comfrey infused oil from the leaves harvested before it flowers. 

We add our comfrey oil to our Restore Salve. It can be used on scars, scratches and varicose veins. It adds strength to skin and binds. It's good for bumps and bruises and trauma support. 


Lavender can be found in a broad spectrum of skincare products, but what is its sweet spot? 

As a very aromatic herb, it's commonly used for its aromatherapy benefits. It's calming and relaxing and helpful for headaches, which pair nicely with a daily skincare routine or wound care. Since it contains so many volatile oils, the infused oil is potent and aromatic.

Lavender as an herb has strong antimicrobial actions and encourages circulation. It's commonly used for wound healing, diaper and baby care, acne prone skin, dry skin and more. It can be applied to bug bites, rashes, burns and poison ivy. 

Lavender infused oil can be found in our Detox Oil Cleanser, Beauty Whip, Diaper Salve, Restore Salve and Calm Oil Cleanser. 


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